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Jeff Wall  A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai), 1993
Katsushika Hokusai Yejiri Station, Province of Suruga, ca. 1832

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This is my friend, Walter. He visited me on a boat. 

Bless, bless

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704 square foot home in Oregon.



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Energy-Efficient Industrial Loft With French Flair


imageimage Combing two styles can be a hit and miss but in this “New York loft living style” home in Portland, Oregon, the blend of raw industrial and the elegance of French chic have blended seamlessly to create a home jam pack full of character and class. On top of looking great it is a net zero-energy loft meaning it generates the energy it consumes — making the world better one beautiful home at a time. image Enjoy the virtual tour!

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Beyond Order Jan Töve Johannson

Sometimes, only being able to share ten images on a photoset, makes for impossible choices. This is one of those cases. The work of Jan Töve Johannson is incredibly beautiful, I encourage all of you to check out his website.

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Brightly lit space with such awesome chairs.


Brightly lit space with such awesome chairs.

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