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Anako’ - Architects own house, Valais 2006. Photos (C) Thomas Jantscher

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blackpool house, new zealand/glamuzina paterson architects

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as summer turns to autumn, decreasing levels of light begin to slow the production of chlorophyll in leaves, causing their green colour to fade. the production of carotenoids and flavonoids also begins to slow, but these pigments are broken down more slowly than chlorophyll, allowing their yellow and orange colours to be expressed. for some leaves, this time of year also sees an increase in the production of the flavonoid anthocyanin, causing those leaves with lower levels of other flavonoids or carotenoids to turn red.  (see also: autumnal art)

photos by (click pic) heiko gerlicherlevi basist, matt cardypatrick pleul, kacper kowalskidina rudickalexander kunzagustin rafael reyes and yann arthus bertrand

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